Alana Lace – Hard, Fast & Deep

Hard, Fast & Deep

Hard, Fast & Deep

From the mailbox: "I recently added a complimentary comment to Alana Lace's Tits and Tugs entry at signed Jack from Chicago. I cannot emphasize enough how hot this girl is! She has a gorgeous face and a magnificent body! I believe you need to convince this gorgeous lady to go to being a full-blown porn star. But you and I know that when she did the Tits And Tugs clip she crossed the Rubicon and there was no turning back. When Julius Caesar was told not to cross the river Rubicon, and when he was told he would be killed if he did so, he crossed it anyhow. He committed himself and there was no going back. Alana Lace has crossed the Rubicon. She has become a full-fledged porn star."

However, there was no need for Alana to be convinced. She is super-horny and sexually expressive whether the camera is on or off. She worshipped JMac's totem pole in that Tits & Tugs scene and she is worshipping it again, this time all the way inside her pussy and throat. The proof is in these pictures and in Alana's video.

Alana knows that her happy seat is bouncing on top of cock. Does doing the deed on-camera turn Alana on even more? Isn't that why couples around the world video themselves in the privacy of their homes? Now Alana can relive her sex fun at SCORELAND as she watches her scene along with everyone.

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