Angel DeLuca – Super Sex With An Angel

Super Sex With An Angel

Super Sex With An Angel

We are charged-up to announce a surprise development at

But first some back story.

Angel DeLuca is into guys. Angel DeLuca also has a wife. Angel's wife is also into guys. But they're not looking for husbands. Because they're married. To each other. It may sound complicated but it's really not. Angel is bisexual and her wife is Lesbian but thanks to Angel, she's open to new experiences. Now and then they share the occasional guy at home if that guy turns them both on.

Angel explains their system. "We did have this one guy who we did keep around for a while but it's normally more of a one night stand type of thing. We're not looking to date, we're not looking to be that. We're just looking for fun for the night and...'be on your way.'" No-strings recreational sport sex? Works for us.

Now for the reason that Angel DeLuca is back after a year. Angel has accepted our offer of the cock for the first time at This has taken time to come about. It didn't happen overnight. And yet we had faith because Angel looked like a very hot girl with a high sex drive from day one.

"Are you up to the challenge of what I am?" Angel asks Largo. "Oh yes, I'm definitely a challenge. A fun one though." Let the action begin. It's a breast fest of nipple sucking, cock sucking with lip smacking sounds, pussy fingering and pussy fucking with one of the prettiest girls at She even jerks his cock until it blows a load on her big boobs.

There's a first time for everything. We're glad it was with Angel DeLuca.

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