Anjii Ross – "A Lot Of Women Stare And Get Jealous"

"A Lot Of Women Stare And Get Jealous"

While we can definitely picture Anjii Ross shaking her big tits on a stage, she's never tried any exotic dancing before she began cam modeling. Here's a brief Q&A with Florida bra-buster Anjii.

Do you watch adult movies? What kind do you like?
"So many, it's hard to pick a favorite! Cuckold, anal, DP, girl-on-girl, hardcore, POV and more."

What favorite brands of bras do you buy?
"Fredericks of Hollywood and Victoria's Secret are nice but it's so hard to find my size. I love this brand called Smart & Sexy. They always have really sexy bras in my size!"

Do jealous women ever say anything about your breasts?
"Yes, a lot of women stare and get jealous. They're always making catty remarks!"

Do you have any favorite travel spots?
"Anywhere with a nice beach! I love laying in the sun, all oiled up in my bikini."

Did you play sports in school?
"I played volleyball."

In school, did you ever get in trouble for showing too much cleavage?
"Yes, all the time. It's hard to hide it when you have such big breasts!"

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