Anna Beck – Miss Beck Is Back

Miss Beck Is Back

Miss Beck Is Back

XLGirls is happy to report that Anna Beck is back after an absence of several years. If you remember this happy-go-lucky girl from the Czech Republic, she attracted a lot of attention when she first began modeling. Then she dropped out of sight. Then, just a few weeks ago, Anna suddenly resurfaced and was ready to pose again. So here she is, Anna Beck and her super-huge breasts. If you don't remember Anna, check out her previous sets and video.

Anna says she doesn't know if she has any special talents. She does and the proof is in the pictures. Anna's hobbies back home are reading, spending time with friends and caring for her dog. A shopping assistant, Anna has to buy her 85H bras (38F in US size) in specialty shops and have them custom fitted. We'll be showing a bra try-out video in the near-future. When Anna goes out, she wears low-cut tops to attract attention, and attention she does attract.

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