Anorei Collins – Special Delivery For Home Alone Wives

Special Delivery For Home Alone Wives

Special Delivery For Home Alone Wives

"I've dreamed of Anorei doing hardcore ever since I first laid eyes on her," wrote Tandafreak after Anorei Collins' first XLGirls sex-vid. Now for round two! Anorei has a hunger for the courier delivering a package. A delivery guy? No worries, it's not a speedy delivery. Anorei has her mind on another package. Instead of just accepting the delivery, she wants him to stay so she can pull his pants down, suck him off and fuck him. This is every delivery man and postman's wish as well as plumbers and TV repairmen. Danica Danali was previously dicknotized by his #9 driver and Anorei is also dick-drunk. Do girls with super-gigantic breasts like Danica and Anorei crave super-hung guys? A future survey of XLGirls might answer this question. Actually Anorei says she likes men with strong necks. "A thick, strong neck always turns me on," Anorei says. Anorei's slow blow job is awesome. She really adores the pipe. After she has filled her sexy mouth, Anorei rides JC like an amusement park rollercoaster and, aiming to deliver the goods, he pounds her hard, Anorei's mindblowing boobs swinging like clappers. Delivery delivered! Now deliver your props to Anorei below!

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