Arianna Sinn – Latex Curves

Latex Curves

Latex Curves

Although this is not a typical fetish pictorial with whips and gags and all that other junk, it does have Arianna Sinn in very hot, skin-tight latex clothing that fetish chicks wear. It's doubtful that any real-life fetish queens and mistresses come even close to Arianna's dangerous curves and lush body. Most of them look pretty skinny and hard.

Does Arianna have any clothing fetishes herself? "I love to wear fishnet stockings. High heels all the time. I like to have sex while wearing heels because I'm so short!"

This is one of Arianna's sexual fantasies: "First I would like to see two guys masturbating while watching me and getting turned on by my body. I will do a slow strip for them and tease them, and they will masturbate. Then, when they are very hard, I will tease them a little more. I will rub my ass against their cocks. Then I will get right up to them and place my tits around their cocks and rub them up and down to make them more excited. It's okay for me to fantasize about it, but it's too much for real life."

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