Bailey Santanna – Knocked-up Knockers

Knocked-up Knockers

Knocked-up Knockers

Bailey Santanna (K-JUGS) is back in an all-new breast-fest and her impressive chest is two cup sizes bigger than last year when she was riding the black pole in Tailored For Tugging (A BBC Is In Bailey Santanna's Ass). She was also in Maid For Creampie. "I love Bailey," emails Seth. "She knocks my shit out. She is crazy hot with curves that kill. She makes my cock explode since she is so incredibly sexy." Bailey is six months pregnant here and says she can no longer find bras that fit her. Her areolae are darker now, a common effect from being knocked-up and her nipples are more sensitive too, also to be expected. Bailey says pregnancy has made her hornier and she wants sex every day. She cums easier, often as fast as within 30 seconds and she creams up her breasts and belly every day to reduce dryness and stretch marks. XLGirls is happy to have Bailey back every which way. Always a treat!

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