Beti Phellasio – Beti Duz It Better

Beti Duz It Better

Beti Duz It Better

New English sensation Beti Phellasio (September '13 XLGirls magazine covergirl) lives up to her name and then some in this second wild and heated scene. Beti's body is smokin' sexy and draws you in like a bee to a flower. Don't imagine what she can do to you with her mouth, tits and pussy because you don't have to. Beti and XLGirls have done that for you in this fresh session!

Born and raised in London, Beti's a cheerful, exuberant young girl with showstopping 38G-cups and a sex drive that matches her generous proportions. Her happy, outgoing personality is very magnetic.

She can't resist playing with her big tits as much as possible. "They're just really good to play with, you know," says tongue-pierced Beti. "I play with them all the time. And hopefully someone else will play with them too." There's no need to hope for that. Beti has no shortage of guys eager to get with her.

Beti's shag-friend Steve sucks on her tits hard. Beti likes that. She sucks on his cock with lots of saliva and goes all the way down on his rod. No head-sucking for Beti. She gets all the cock way down her throat. Beti squeezes her tits around his cock so he can fuck her cleavage. She wants to fuck so she gets on her back. Steve eagerly parts her legs and licks her fanny (Brit speak for pussy, not ass).

Now that Beti's pink center is nice and wet and slippery, and she is still on her back, Steve mounts her and rams his cock home. Her hips thrust back and match his jackhammering. She plays with her boobs while they fuck, her nipples hard and stiff.

That's only position number one as their couch surfing heats up and their fucking gets more intense and hornier. Beti loves being pounded and says she'll probably become a cougar when she's older. We believe her after seeing her take a load of cream in her mouth and swallow it, licking off the cum that dripped out of her mouth and spilled on her 38G's. We hope to see Beti again and soon! What a girl!

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