Cameron Skye – Oiled Boobs & A Fire Crotch

Oiled Boobs & A Fire Crotch

Oiled Boobs & A Fire Crotch

The merits of breast massaging, oiling and creaming can't be praised enough. The merits of Cameron Skye can't be praised enough either. She is a sexy and exciting V-Girl with a woman-next-door personality. Everyone should have a next-door neighbor like Cameron. Especially if she will oil her boobs like Cameron does here. Wow.

Cameron came to SCORELAND the first time with a smooth v-spot between her legs. The studio asked her if she would not shave for her next visit so Cameron chucked the razors, waxes and other feminine depilatories. This was done after reading the requests from the hair club for men who support bush. So now Cameron is back with what she calls her fire crotch, a thick curly ginger muff that took almost three months to cultivate. Hi, hi, Miss American Pie.

Cameron has helped us in our boob education also. If not for her, we'd have never known of the term "breast puddling" which she explained in her previous video, "Tits In Tight Tops." Puddling is when a girl wears a too-tight bra and the constriction bulges the top of the boobs near the cups. Those bulges are called the puddles, says Cameron. So thank you, Cameron.

"I love to cook and dress sexy," Cameron says. "Those are the two ways to make a guy feel special. My guy lets me sleep in, compliments me on my beauty and is always nice to me. I love when I dress sexy and guys look at me. I went to a college party and had to leave because all the guys there wanted to feel my boobs. That made me horny. The best part of being a beautiful woman is knowing that guys look at me and want to fuck me."

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