Charley J Matthews – Meet Charley

Meet Charley

Meet Charley

Meet Charley. Charley J. Matthews. Charley is a dancer who was encouraged to apply to SCORE by a SCORE fan and boob-man at the club she shakes her titties in. This is when a reader becomes our breast friend also. "Being a stripper is the most fun thing I've ever done," Charley says. "I can do a back bend without the use of a pole. "I was told recently that I'm a freak in bed." Charley is your all-American fun-loving girl. She likes to shop, read, go to the movies, hang out with her girlfriends and spend time with her "fat cat Pumpkin." Being from Wisconsin, she's a Packers fan, and enjoys hiking, biking, walking and swimming. Being a model was on her to-do list. Now Charley can add it to her list of skills. The guys back home will be very happy.

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