Cherry Brady – Cherry Brady watching K-JUGS

Cherry Brady watching K-JUGS

Cherry Brady watching K-JUGS

40G-cup wonder woman Cherry Brady is dolled up like a sexy business exec with a bag of goodies. What's in the shopping bag? If you know Cherry, it's gotta be some kind of sexy outfit, and that assumption is correct. It's a two-piece bra and panty set and pink high heels. Cherry is in heaven at the mere sight of these feminine treasures. And once Cherry has undressed and changed into her new dainties, she can watch the DVD K-JUGS, a bowl of popcorn at the ready, and enjoy Renee Ross and her girlfriends in action. You know, Cherry is a fan and supporter of other models, too. Now dressed to kill, Cherry pops the K-JUGS disc into her laptop and gets comfy. The popcorn gets forgotten as Cherry unwraps another gift item, a big, plastic chick-stick to buzz her way to pink pussy paradise.

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