Dolly’s Bikini Delight

Dolly's Bikini Delight

Dolly's Bikini Delight

"I'm into everything, really," says British dolly-bird Dolly Delight who is the official SCORE candidate for the Olympics in London. The Big-Boob Olympics, that is. "I'm open-minded. I like to please. I can be a bit greedy, but if you please me, it'll be worth your while. I'm the kind of girl who it turns me on to please the guy I'm with, so if he likes something, I'll go out of my way to get it right. I'm a pleaser. Definitely. A pleaser and a teaser. But mostly a pleaser. Put it this way. I don't think a guy has ever looked at me and said, 'She's a bitch.' At least no guy who got to know me." Dolly enjoys being a super-girl 24/7. "I dress very glam. I love being a girly Barbie-doll so I love lots of tight tops, lil' skirts and pink undies. The worst thing a man can say to me is that I'm one of the boys. I like to be the girly-girl and I think that a woman likes to be treated like a princess." She was born to show her tits, pussy and butthole and get men worked up. Some girls have it; others don't. Dolly has it. "I love to masturbate and be watched as well. That really turns me on. When I'm doing videos, I really do cum in them as I'm being filmed playing with myself. That really gets me hot!"

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