Harmony White – The Hot Ginger

The Hot Ginger

The Hot Ginger

It's only natural that redheaded Harmony White would have her tits and ass worshipped and jacked to. With her beautiful, girl-next-door face and voluptuously curvy body, Harmony seemed destined to become a big-boob photo-hottie. We're happy to have helped her fulfill that destiny. These pictures serve to emphasize that. They should be displayed in a museum instead of the junk by Picasso and Van Gogh.

It's very difficult to find girls looking like Harmony who will show her naked body, let alone spread their pussies and go all the way with dudes. Several SCORE staffers had lunch at a food court in a huge mall and, out of the hundreds and hundreds of girls coming and going, didn't see one girl who had a fraction of what Harmony has, let alone even come close to filling her bra-cups.

"I love to masturbate in the bath under warm water," reveals Harmony who likes sucking, licking and spanking as foreplay. "I spread my legs and let the water run! I love the build-up until I cum very hard. I actually tremble all over for a couple of minutes."

"My most unusual experience was at a boyfriend's house. He tied me up, gagged me and punished me." You probably wouldn't guess that because of Harmony's her apple-pie, corn-fed look.

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