Jennica Lynn – School’s Out

School's Out

School's Out

Here's the girl you'd like to hold after class and hold as tight as possible. There's a lot of girl to hold onto! Jennica Lynn is the covergirl of February '14 and August '14 V-mag, the covergirl of March '14 XLGirls SP #262, the covergirl of the DVD Full Figured Foxes 3, one of the four awesome covergirls of the DVD XLGirls On Location and one of three covergirls of September '14 XLGirls SP #269. And there is a "Splat Mat" novelty item of Jennica. The face and bod that launched a thousand-plus boners and she's damned proud of it!

"I'd have been a cheerleader in school if we had those in Sweden," said Jennica. No cheerleaders in Sweden? And we thought this was a progressive country in the forefront of every advancement.

Now, was Jennica a good girl in school back home? Here she's being very good! "I was a little bit of both. I was mostly good, though. I always went to school. I was a good girl with the studies. I did like to tease the boys and I still do, like here, dressed as a coed."

"I moved to the UK when I was 22. I thought it would be a fun experience. I went there as part of a work experience course. So I was supposed to work and study at the same time for a few weeks. I was studying English, learning how to speak the language properly. I didn't need to attend those classes too much."

That's true. Jennica's diction is perfect. We wonder if she did that work-study program in clothes like this. We'd give Jennica Lynn a straight A no matter what!

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