Jes Craven – Blonde Bombshell

Blonde Bombshell

Blonde Bombshell

Meet Jes Craven. Jes is new at XLGirls. She was spotted on Twitter by a titter-seeking TSG model rep and they connected. In the first part of this introductory video, Jes talks a bit about her background and talks tits. How to handle them and what she likes done to them, like massaging. Nothing that leaves a bite mark. No worries, Jes. That's not how XLGirls rolls.

Jes is very happy, giggly and bubbly and must be a lot of fun to hang with. Her most fun job was dancing at Scott Wood's Solid Gold. "I look like a bad girl but I'm pretty nice, I think," says Jes. Our director mentions to Jes that girls can legally go topless in New York City, a fact that Jes, who lives in New York, didn't know. And he's right. The New York Supreme Court ruled on July 7, 1992 that it is legal for a woman to bare her boobs in public as long as she wasn't involved in a commercial activity or acting in a "lewd" manner, whatever that is. The original law prohibiting public toplessness, Penal Law §245.01, was created to discourage topless waitresses. So now Jes can feel free to bare her big boobs in public without fear of arrest.

After the tit-chat, Jes is invited to get comfy, naked and show off every inch. And if she wants to finger her pierced pussy in picturesque ways and rub her nipples until she has an orgasm, that's okay too!

We'll be seeing Jes again very soon with a guy. His name isn't Scott but he will be packing wood.

Welcome, Jes Craven.

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