Jessi Rhodes – For The Fun Of It

For The Fun Of It

For The Fun Of It

Jessi Rhodes became a model just to try it and discovered that she really liked the entire experience. A friend told her about SCORE magazine and she checked us out, then sent some photos.

"I definitely get a lot of attention because of my chest. I like to wear a lot of tight shirts and a lot of V-necks," says Jessi, who lives in Raleigh, North Carolina and has a cheerleader/Prom Queen look about her. Jessi has the saying "Forgive and Forget" tattooed on her inner left wrist.

A fun date for Jessi is Laser Tag and go-karting. "I like to target shoot and go to concerts. I play softball and soccer and I am also a Yankees fan. I'm interested in acting and I want to be in a music video. I enjoy body painting, fitness, sports and bikini modeling."

"My sexual fantasy is to have sex in an airplane. I'm assertive. I like to take control during sex. Riding a big, long dick while getting my nipples sucked on is my favorite thing. That's my favorite kind of foreplay. I really enjoy having my nipples sucked and I love riding on top."

Jessi cuts loose in a warehouse workshop in her SCORELAND intro. She doesn't get much work done but who cares?

See More of Jessi Rhodes at SCORELAND.COM!

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