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New Discovery

New Discovery

New XLGirls discovery Jola used to be a salesgirl. Then someone saw how she stretched out her sweaters and said that she ought to be in pictures. That encouraged her to try modeling and she discovered she liked it. It was also a huge change of pace for her. "I liked that idea," Jola said. "I always get a lot of attention because of my boobs and I like it. A guy once said to me 'You really have big eyes.' I thought that was a funny comment. So why not show my big eyes?"

"I don't dress to attract attention but it happens anyway. I may leave a few buttons open on my shirt. I have to go to special stores to buy my bras. It is difficult to find bras that fit comfortably. I like them sporty and comfy."

Jola likes to visit friends, play the guitar, listen to music and watch ice hockey. Her favorite team is HC Kometa Brno. She doesn't work out herself but another one of her interests is ice skating. She also likes looking at guys' butts. Jola would like to try sex with a girl one day but she just hasn't had the chance yet.

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