Jolie Rain – Bounce, Jolie, Bounce!

Bounce, Jolie, Bounce!

Bounce, Jolie, Bounce!

It's been a few years since bubbly and busty Jolie Rain bounced her away across SCORELAND. Where has she been and what has she been doing? Jolie went to an army recruitment office, enlisted and went to Iraq where she served for a couple of years. ("I sought something bigger than me.") She served her country well and now she's back in the States. We still had Jolie's contact info from last time and asked her if she wanted to come back to SCORE and shake things up again. A few weeks later, here she is, tits bigger than before. Now that she is home, Jolie's been getting back into the swing of things, putting her army skills to good use. She trains in mixed martial arts and practices her shooting. She works on cars, rides motorcycles, goes to rock concerts and plays video games (the Halo series, World of Warcraft and others). And she does a hell of a job putting guys like this dude through his paces. You need to have a lot of protein to keep up with this high-energy babe.

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