Kelli Maxx – The Girl Can’t Help It

The Girl Can't Help It

The Girl Can't Help It

"I can hide all sorts of things between and under my boobs," says beautiful Kelli Maxx, a new natural wonder to "That's been my big talent since I was a teenager." Kelli is being modest. She has many talents and her pictures and videos prove it.

With her body and face, it's no surprise that Kelli decided to become a web-cam girl and is now here. Before Kelli decided to try pro modeling at XLGirls, she had a lot of questions for the staff which we happily answered. Her curiosity is good because it shows she does her homework.

What type of foreplay does Kelli like? "Normally I like to get right down to it but having my ass massaged does it for me. Every time!"

And her favorite fuck position? "Doggie. It hits the right spot every time. What's better than that?"

Kelli would like to make it with another girl. "I've only kissed girls. I'm waiting for the day I can finally have sex with one. Maybe you guys can see it at XLGirls."

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