Lana Ivans – Lana’s Growth Spurt

Lana's Growth Spurt

Lana's Growth Spurt

Keep in mind that Lana Ivans was a mere 20 years-old when she debuted for SCORE in autumn of 2010. A girl's boobs continue to grow as she matures in her twenties, usually peaking by her mid-twenties. Diet and exercise, weight gain, metabolism, age, hormonal changes, pregnancy and other natural factors affect breast size.

Lana has put on some weight as you can tell in these pictures. Happily, it looks like most of it went to her tits, hips and ass. She was a sexy little fox and now she's even foxier and curvier. Is it the corn that Lana proudly touts as the natural Romanian breast enhancer?

Whatever Lana is doing, she's doing it right as these photos prove. They were shot in Romania, the first time Lana's been photographed by SCORE in her country. As far as the pictorial goes, Lana's usual self-confidence busts out of the photos.

You have seen these growth spurts before in SCORE. Autumn-Jade is a classic example. In Autumn's case, it was weight gain as she matured. It happened to Linsey Dawn McKenzie in 1999.

Longtime SCORE Man Soulstroker sagely comments, "Even in the general stacked, voluptuous, and plumper categories SCORE uses, there are sub-groups in those. Lana has always been that girl that fit between 'stacked' and a thinner/smaller 'voluptuous.' She has supermodel looks, and a tight body that still has enough fleshy lusciousness to be 'voluptuous.' But now she is even hotter."

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