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Hooray For Faye

Hooray For Faye

"On the outside I appear more passive but I love to tease a guy until he can't take it anymore and makes his move. That's called being passive-aggressive."

"I love lots of foreplay. I love being kissed all over, especially the back of my neck, tummy and back. I love oral by a guy who knows how to use his tongue and lips."

"You must try your best to look into my eyes rather than constantly looking at my chest. I know the effect that my boobs have on men. When guys make demeaning remarks, it lowers my self-confidence."

"I masturbate every day. I love a vibrator buzzing my clit and fingers in and out of my pussy. I'm a two-handed girl at masturbation. No matter what they tell you, all girls masturbate even if they have a steady guy."

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