Lisa Canon – Down Home Country Gal

Down Home Country Gal

Down Home Country Gal

If anyone thinks Lisa Canon is strictly all about big tits, they would be off the mark. She loves big tits, on her and on other girls, but she also is into feet. "I am bisexual and I love boobs," Lisa explained. "If a girl has little boobs then it's not going to work. I have big boobs and I love my boobs. If I'm going to be with her I would like her to have some kind of boobage going on. And feet. Not all kinds of feet. Just really pretty feet. If they're done right and have nice polish. But if they're nasty, stinky feet, then no, get them away from me! I love a girl's feet as long as they look perfect, and there's no rough skin and they're soft and nice. I love foot massages and I love having my toes sucked. Even having my feet tickled--I like it."

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