Maggie Green – The Case of the Topheavy Tomato

The Case of the Topheavy Tomato

The Case of the Topheavy Tomato

Maggie Green goes back in time and looks like she could be a private eye's secretary--the kind that gets you into a tight squeeze. Yeah, see? A tomato like this gives you the eye, you go for it. See? Yeah.

"I wear much smaller bras when I'm doing photo shoots to make them pop out more, but either an F or a G. It kind of fluctuates. I used to think I was a 36-something, and then one of my good friends, who's also a model, convinced me to get a good bra fitting at Nordstrom's, and lo and behold, I was a 34 instead of a 36 and a bigger cup size than I thought. And it's a huge difference. It makes my bras fit better. Now I'm in proper-fitting bras."

"I do a lot of cardio. I'm a big fan of Zumba. I'm going to get my Zumba instructors license. And I'm a big fan of spinning and I do Body Pump. I'm also going to be a Body Pump instructor. I'm a big fan of that. Body Pump is an hour-long class. It's all weights, and it's high-repetition, low-weights, so you do squats for like five-to-seven minutes without a break. It's a really good workout. I enjoy it."

"I was always a little curious [about hardcore], and I just got more comfortable and it started to dawn on me, 'If you want to try it, try it." You only live once. YOLO!' I think there's always been that little root in the back of my brain like, 'Could I do that kind of thing? Would I be comfortable with it?' For a long time I didn't think I would be, but I'm ready now."

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