Marilyn Mayson – Blessed With Boobage

Blessed With Boobage

Blessed With Boobage

Look out for those innocent-looking ones like Marilyn Mayson from Oklahoma. She loves a fuck that ends in a creampie and she loves it when guys unload on her boobs too. "Some guys have good-tasting cum," says Marilyn. She wishes more guys would eat fruit so that their cum would taste better. When Marilyn leaves the house, she likes to dress sexy in very form-fitting clothes with low-cut tops showing lots of cleavage. Marilyn likes role-playing that involves her being super-submissive to a guy in the sack. "I like aggression, when daddy takes control of me and shows me how to be a good little whore! I have a filthy little mouth and I use it very well!" There's no end to the talents that Marilyn is ready to offer.

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