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Ultra Hottie

Ultra Hottie

Marilyn Mayson's latest is September '13 XLGirls magazine (SP #253). In this excerpt, she talks to an editor about one of her favorite things.

XLGirls: You like creampies?
Marilyn: That's like my my fetish fantasy.
XLGirls: What is it about creampies that gets you off?
Marilyn: I don't know. It's just something about feeling the guy spurting in my pussy that feels really good. It makes me cum, too.
XLGirls: Harder?
Marilyn: Ooh, yeah! They're cumming and for me it's!
XLGirls: Do you like it when guys cum on your boobs, that kinda thing?
Marilyn: I do. And some guys have great tasting cum and I love to swallow it.
XLGirls: But not all guys?
Marilyn: No. Unfortunately not.
XLGirls: Have you heard that rumor that if a guy eats a lot of pineapple it will fix the taste of his jizz?
Marilyn: Yeah, but, unfortunately, most guys don't like fruit.
XLGirls: Well, guys, get your vitamin pineapple in...

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