Marilyn White – Thirsty For Nut Juice

Thirsty For Nut Juice

Thirsty For Nut Juice

Marilyn White waits for sex service to arrive. Becoming a model at XLGirls has opened a door to making her fantasies come true. Marilyn can come here, do the wild thing without strings and cum. Pure sport-sex that Marilyn gets to share with others on-camera. From porn-store clerk to dancer and porn star (Chubby N' Fucked 2 on DVD). An inspiration and role model to other porn store clerks around North America.

"Such a fucking turn-on when other people watch me get fucked," Marilyn says as she waits by an open window for her date. The blinds are open. Anyone can see. That's the idea. To be spied on by peeping Toms while Marilyn is fucked and her big boobs sucked and fucked.

Marilyn's ready to be manhandled. When Tony arrives, he's on her like glue. It's going to get sticky when Marilyn makes licky-licky. Her face becomes a portrait in ecstasy when she takes the bull by the horn and goes for a dirty ride. Missionary, cowgirl (her favorite) and doggie sex await.

The next time you buy a copy of XLGirls magazine or an XLGirls DVD at the store, be nice to the girl behind the counter ringing you up. She may be the next XL Girl if she's got the right kind of look.

Marilyn says she watches porn at home. Will she be watching this? And if she does, will she be spanking it or fucking as she watches herself?

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