Maserati – Stacked To The Max

Stacked To The Max

Stacked To The Max

It has been said at SCORE that Maserati has a pair of the biggest and best-looking tits ever seen within these hallowed halls of huge hooters. We continue to be blown away by V-mag's XXX Model of the Year 2012. It seems like Maserati's tits continue to grow so every time she drops by for a visit, they're bigger than last time. She is way beyond the wall test and the pencil test.

Maserati said that she needs a guy to support her tits with his hands when she is on top fucking him. Like we really feel bad for those guys. They have our sympathies. No one said life was easy.

After a Maserati photo set or video, the usual kudos and compliments come in. There's one by Brad that was different. Brad wrote, "It seems kinda weird, but as much as I love seeing Maserati fuck, I'd love to see her in more solo scenes. Obviously, this goddess looks amazing in hardcore, but she's just so fucking perfect, I want to worship her solo as well!"

No worries, Brad. We love Maserati solos a whole lot also and that's why this set is here.

Maserati's hairstyle and make-up give her a different look in this pictorial. That bra is ridiculously small. Her boobs are off the charts. But it's a sight that could make a grown man weep tears of happiness.

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