Melissa Reed – Ass Cleavage

Ass Cleavage

Ass Cleavage

What happened to Melissa Reed's Daisy Dukes? It's beyond imagination. The sexy clothes she's chosen for this photo shoot do her justice. She's got it coming and going. Her butt cheeks are ass cleavage and her tits are works of art.

Melissa is the quiet type. She says very little. Instead, her body speaks volumes. "I like modeling," says Melissa who began her growth spurt at 14 and never stopped growing. But she claims she was not the bustiest girl in her neighborhood!

"I like a lot of attention paid to my chest as long as it's positive and I like it when a guy automatically spends a lot of time on breast play and sucking my nipples. I can always tell a breast man as soon as I meet him."

"I use vibrators and toys. I have never tried bondage but I have an interest in being tied up. I want to try it with someone I can really trust. I still cum the best with intercourse, especially doggie-style. That is the best."

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