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More To Fuck

Melonie Max had never modeled before. Amazing but true. She is tiny at a mere 5'1" yet she sports 34G cups so the overall impression you'd have if you met her would be similar to a sudden gust of wind blowing you over! She is super-natural! Here is a lovely and highly-sexed woman blessed with world-class boobs.

"I looked at the website and I thought that if those girls could do it, so could I," said Melonie who found us online. "It didn't look so hard. I figured I'd do it. I was nervous at first because I didn't know what to expect. But now I know what to expect and how to work with the photographers and stuff like that, so it's a lot different."

I find that once I'm turned on, that if the guy wants to, like, suck them, or, like, pinch a nipple while it's happening, that's cool," Melonie said about breast-play. She likes it but wants her partner to get his tool working in her as soon as possible. "At the point of sex, it's all about the internal action for me."

So after titty licking and sucking, Melonie wants the cock buried deep inside her for maximum internal action. Melonie's blow job philosophy is also "all or nothing." For her the best BJ should be like a vacuum cleaner. "If it's too loose and all over the place, it's no good," Melonie explained. "It has to be tight and very hard sucking. It's gotta be hard sucking to make the blow job really good." Well-said!

Here, she and her sex-partner John get into their fuck-fling and for someone who was new at all of this, Melonie was busting out with self-confidence. She really got into the fucking, and when it comes to tit-mashing a guy's cock, Melonie is second-to-none!

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