Nikki Smith – Cheerleader For XLGirls

Cheerleader For XLGirls

Cheerleader For XLGirls

"I was a cheerleader and a dancer in high school," Nikki Smith tells us. What a sight that must have been. We should do a cheerleader shoot one day. "It was definitely interesting. It took a lot of bra support, like doubling up on sports bras just to keep 'em down so I could be athletic. They looked cute in uniforms though. I was popular, but my tits were even more popular. But I think I got more comments when I was younger. Just because it was so out of the ordinary for girls to have boobs at that age. But I didn't mind too much. I kind of like the attention."

"I definitely go for confident--not cocky--guys. I hate cocky guys. Arrogance drives me insane. I like a clean-cut guy, someone who looks very simple. I don't go for anything too over the top. A guy who can look good in plain jeans and a T-shirt is hot. I'm definitely a sucker for country boys. I am from California, but I'm a diehard country music fan. So you put a guy in Levis and boots and oh my god, I am done."

"I like guys to be a little more dominant. I do prefer them to make the first move. But if I really want it, and I really want to suck his dick, and he's not doing anything about it eventually I will rip his pants off and take control. Sometimes it's like, 'Hello! Are we going to kiss forever? Let's do something!' Sometimes you have to step up and show them it's okay. Especially with me since I like to do old-fashioned dating. They want to respect that until I'm like, 'Okay, I can't take it anymore.'"

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