Olarita – The Cumback

The Cumback

The Cumback

If you have an excellent memory for Voluptuous Europeans, you might remember Olarita from 2007. The brunette brickhouse masturbated in two videos and fucked in a massage parlor scene. Then Olarita promptly dropped out of sight without a peep.

Just a few weeks ago, the SCORE studio was contacted by our chums over in Prague. Olarita was back. Out of the blue, she called them, eager to take undress again as well as sex it up again with dudes on-camera. There have been longer hiatuses from modeling (Diane Poppos being the classic example) so after taking some test shots, Olarita once again signed up for a new trip to these Hallowed Halls of Hooters. Olarita's got her new XXX video playing at SCOREVideos and SCOREHD and a XXX scene for SCORELAND is on the way.

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