Video: Janet Jade – Busty Lingerie Party

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It’s retro-lingerie time with Janet Jade and red is her chosen color. “Red is the color of passion and I think I’m a passionate girl,” Janet says. And she shows just how passionate she can get in this Scoreland video, where it’s always Valentine’s Day. Why no brassiere, lingerie or shoe companies have hired Janet as an official spokesmodel shows just how unmotivated these people are. Why, if we made and sold bras, we’d hire Janet Jade in a heartbeat to model our line.

Janet Jade - Video Sample

Big Tits Scoreland Model Janet Jade


Mianna Thomas – Just Legal, Just Enormous!

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“I love a guy who’s in great shape and has a sense of humor. He has to be intelligent and be able to carry on a conversation,” says Mianna Thomas, making her official Voluptuous magazine debut. The Internet is incredible but there is something about a girl’s magazine debut on newsstands in many countries that has more impact. Guys that don’t go on the web, and there are more than you might think, see her pictures. And there’s that sense of permanance. A magazine doesn’t require electricity to enjoy.

Mianna Thomas

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Indianna Jaymes – Raiders of the Lost Bra

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“I want to do as much as I can,” says Indianna Jaymes, a girl built like the proverbial brick shithouse. “With tits as big as I have, I had to get into SCORE.” And so it came to pass. A dancer from Portland, Oregon, she says she’s a voyeur–one of the things that drew her into the adult life. Indianna Jaymes likes going to baseball and football games, and used to play softball. Her hobbies are singing, camping, fishing and cooking.

Indianna Jaymes

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Camille Morgan – New York Titty Girl

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Camille Morgan is a sophisticated and busty babydoll in New York City who enjoys life and lives it to the fullest. She’s been published in SCORE, Voluptuous and BootyLicious. Camille Morgan talked to Scoreland about her interests and activities. “My hobbies are reading, hiking, bike riding, taking pictures, gambling…I love casinos…shopping and watching sports. I love boxing, basketball and baseball. For fun, I like amusement parks, beaches, watching horror movies and old karate flicks, eating double-stuffed. ….. read more >>

Camille Morgan

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Lola Lush – Lush Life

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Phoenix local Lola Lush likes to flaunt her ass with class. “I like to dress sultry and sexy but not trashy. I’m not a ho so I don’t try to look like one. I dress with style that’s hot and come-hither. I always wear a bra except to bed. Gravity is not the friend of a busty model.” What does Lola look for in a man? “Eye contact, a man who comes on light, not heavy, directness when he speaks, excellent hygiene, consistency and a seductive manner are what I notice in a guy.

Lola Lush

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Video: Christy Marks – SCORE Model of the Year the

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Congratulations to Christy Marks for winning the SCORE Model of the Year contest. After winning SCORE Newcomer of the Year last year and accepting her award on SCOREtv episode 5, a lot of the guys predicted that Christy would sweep the MOY and sure enough, she did. This is the year of Christy Marks. Here’s a fraction of the comments that Christy Marks has inspired from hardboiled tit-men, the kind of guys who can be unmerciful critics. But they love Christy.

Christy Marks - Video Sample

Big Tits Scoreland Model Christy Marks



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