Janet Jade – Busty Lingerie Party

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Detroit’s in bad shape due to the collapse of the auto industry but the good folks there should consider themselves fortunate that Janet Jade hasn’t packed up and moved out. She’s the Motor City’s shining star and main asset. SCORE Man Sturg says “I just wanted to add my two cents about the gorgeous gift from above that we call Janet Jade. Janet has to be what God intended when he gave the world women. She is an absolute angel. The creamiest cocoa skin, amazing enormous rack, huge boobs 38DDD and excellent ass.

Janet Jade

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Slone Ryder – Easy Ryder

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Between Lilith (Missouri) and Slone (Kentucky), this issue covers the heartland of America. Slone is an all-American woman with all-American ta-tas. In fact, she was a cheerleader and her pom poms were the envy of her crowd. “I was popular in school and just normal. I was the Homecoming Queen one year and I dated just one guy all through school. So, no one ever said anything except compliments. I was in the Miss Kentucky pageant one year and have been in other, smaller ones, too.

Slone Ryder

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Michelle May – Scoreland Debut!

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Meet the amazing Michelle May from California. She’s perfect for Voluptuous…as you can see! They called the green-eyed blonde “Shelly Big Boobs” and “Tits McGee” in school but as Michelle explains, “It was all in good fun. No one ever went out of their way to be nasty to me.” So no boob prejudice for this awesome babe. Michelle’s hobbies are reading and dancing. Yes, she likes to dance around the house in her underwear, as you suspected. Her erotic fantasy is “to have sex in a burning building. ….. read more >>

Michelle May

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Christy Marks – Model of the Year

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“I like fucking and playing with myself at the same time,” says Christy in her June ‘09 SCORE interview. “I don’t do it all the time because some guys get really self-conscious like, ‘Am I not doing my job right? This chick is playing with herself.’ And I have to be like, ‘Yeah, you’re doing it right, keep going!’ And I like to dirty talk during sex, too. That gets me hot. But I don’t talk a lot because most guys are not into that. Most guys are really traditional where I am from. ….. read more >>

Christy Marks

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Lorna Morgan – 2nd Runner-Up Model of the Year

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Usually a career retrospective on DVD signals a climax to a model’s activities but the opposite is true for Lorna Morgan. It’s like the first ten years were a warm-up, even after having three babies and posing pregnant last year in London (which sparked some debate among mag readers and web members). The London shoot followed her Big-Boob Paradise spectacular in The Bahamas. In 1999, Lorna Morgan, Kerry and Jessica Turner were the big three of the British invasion and her posing style remains the same, staying ….. read more >>

Lorna Morgan

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Merilyn Sakova – 1st Runner-Up Model of the Year

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Merilyn won 2005 Newcomer of the Year, lost 2005 Model of the Year to Minka, won 2006 Model of the Year, lost 2007 Model of the Year to Crystal Gunns and for 2008 finishes second to Christy Marks. The past four years have made Merilyn a megastar the world over and so far she shows no signs of slowing down. Scoreland is one of the few sites that publishes weekly emails from members and Merilyn enjoys reading them. Klaus from Switzerland emails, “Dear Merilyn, I am a great admirer of you and your wonderful.

Merilyn Sakova

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