Jana – Maid To Service Your Junk

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Jana is a maid with a lot more on her sex-crazy mind that cleaning your shit in this big-boobed hotel. Jana’s main interest is sucking the cum out of the balls of horny guests. The news has gotten around. This hotel is for horny tit-men only. No one else can check in. In fact, when a woman or a group of standard tourists try to book a room, there is strangely no occupancy. Only tit-men can reserve a room and check in. That suits us, Jana and her co-workers just fine.


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Ashley Sage Ellison – Auto Buff


What is it about sexy girls washing cars? Ashley Sage Ellison didn’t need to detail this set of wheels…just standing by it and getting wet and soapy was enough. The car’s a prop, Ashley’s the only attraction. “The Caribbean is the best,” Ashley said. “I love going to Spain. The beaches there are amazing but the Caribbean is even better, I think. It’s a lot more relaxed here than it is in the U.K.” In our Articles section, one of the Voluptuous editors spent some one-on-one time with Ashley between shoots1

Ashley Sage Ellison

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Black Boobed Africa Sexxx Sweater Stretching

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Usually the top is off or pulled down when a girl is in the throes of a hot and sticky session. In Africa’s latest adventure, she keeps her tight top on for a good while so we can see that sweater stretched by her ample tits which seem to look bigger lately. This is Africa at her hottest and that’s saying a mouthful. It’s hotter than her threesome with Cassitty a few years ago. In these pictures, she’s doing things with this dude’s cock that surprised even us. It’s her second derriere-driller on Scoreland.

Africa Sexxx

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Daphne Rosen – Busty Anal Street Slut

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Would you pick up Daphne if you saw her in this dress? Suppose you didn’t know her? This guy picks her up because he knows a good deal when he sees one. Although he doesn’t know Daphne, a nice blowjob in the front seat helps to get them acquainted. Sure, they could have fucked in the car, too…fucking in a car is hot…but stretching out on a comfy bed is better. Why? Well, this guy needs room to maneuver his cock in different positions inside Daphne’s world-famous butt and between her giant tits.

Daphne Rosen

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