Porsche Dali – These Tits’ll Knock Ya Out!

These Tits'll Knock Ya Out!

These Tits'll Knock Ya Out!

Does Porsche Dali spit or swallow if a man cums in her mouth?

"Normally I will swallow and suck that cock clean. If the man I am with asks for me to spit, I am more than happy to oblige. There have been times when the guy I was with wanted to me to spit their cum out on my tits and watch it run down my body. Cum on my tits is so sexy!"

What do her piercings do for her nipple enjoyment? What do her boyfriends say about them?

"My nipple piercings have intensified my sexual pleasure. I love having them played with and sucked on. Just lightly brushing my own hand across them makes me horny. My boyfriends love them! They all love to play with them and suck on them. They know doing so makes me wet."

Has Porsche ever gone to a bachelorette party with male strippers where things got out of control, like in the XLGirls movie My Big Plump Wedding?

"Oh yes! One of my girlfriends was getting married and we hired three male dancers to spice up the party. We were all completely drunk and having a good time when they showed up. Luckily, these guys knew how to party and let us play with them. We all ended up naked and having an orgy before the night was over. It was definitely the best bachelorette party I have ever been to."

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