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Renee Ross – Jackumentary Part 2

Monday, August 26th, 2013

Jackumentary Part 2

Jackumentary Part 2

In Renee Ross Jackumentary Part 2, Renee talks about how she likes to suck and fuck the cock. Hot action from one of her flings is shown for the first time at We see Renee at play in a pool photo shoot as she leaps out of the water, her massive 40J bra-busters flying. Renee demonstrates how she uses a bidet in the dressing room in a never-before-seen video.

With a TSG editor helping, Renee trains for a boxing match and faces off against her K-JUGS co-star Samantha 38G. (K-JUGS episodes will be shown for the first time at XLGirls in September.) In another behind-the-scenes moment, Renee lets us know how guys should treat her and what she likes in a man. Renee is a woman of many charms, skills and talents. Never a diva; always a woman of the people and a multiple Model of the Year contest winner. We salute Renee Ross and bow to her greatness!

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Renee Ross – A Jackumentary

Wednesday, July 31st, 2013

A Jackumentary

A Jackumentary

This special video celebrates the greatness that is Renee Ross with behind-the-scenes footage, candid moments, scenes from her movies, tit-talk, and lots of huge-boobed action, the kind that ever smilin' Renee is beloved for.

Among the topics Renee shows, and talks about, are tits, bras, what gets her hot and horny, other girls and their pussies, being on the receiving end of oral sex and one of her favorite sports, hot tit-fucking.

For those who've never seen Renee before, Renee Ross A Jackumentary is a good introduction to this awesome centerfold and covergirl. For Renee fans, a great overview, and a dedication to a sensational model, one of V-mag and XLGirls' most popular babes.

As Renee once said about modeling, "It's actually something that I thought that I would never do. I don't think that I had the self-confidence to put myself out there like that before. When I hear people saying that I am gorgeous or that my pictures are amazing, it just makes me feel really good."

And when Renee Ross feels good, everyone feels good!

Part two is coming soon!

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Cardigan Splitter

Sunday, May 13th, 2012

Cardigan Splitter

Cardigan Splitter

This is an early Renee Ross pictorial of the blonde goddess wearing a killer outfit. From the tight cardigan that's ready to catapult flying buttons at ya to her tight skirt, underwear and heels, it's clean, eye-popping, cock-provoking and sexy. It's a good thing Renee doesn't fly that much, especially dressed like this. Every airport security agent would explode in his underwear if he saw Renee. There must be a law against being so fucking hot-looking. If you find it, don't tell anyone, because we want Renee to keep up the good stuff. For the second year in a row, Renee has won V-mag Model of the Year. She was up against tough competition too but proved to be unbeatable. It was a great day when Renee inquired with The SCORE Group about modeling and her loyalty is appreciated. The most common theme in many of the letters the guys send in about Renee is how she is their favorite. This prop from K.L. sums up the feelings of many. "Renee Ross is going to be a legend. I can't stop jacking off to her photos and videos since I first saw her. Is she really as nice and sweet as she seems? She's so hot in hardcore and solo. Renee is one of the all-time greatest models you ever found. I bought all her DVDs because I wanted the best video quality and I've had hard drives crash before and lost everything. I look forward to more of Renee. I could listen to her for hours."

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Renee’s K-JUGS Tutorial

Monday, March 19th, 2012

Renee's K-JUGS Tutorial

Renee's K-JUGS Tutorial

"Hello pretty lady. Who are you? I'm the late night jock," the K-JUGS DJ asks Renee Ross, the new kid at radio station K-JUGS. "I'm Renee," our sexy delight answers. "I was a DJ back home and I want to make it here. They call you The Late Night Ladies Man, right? I've seen your billboards." They shake. "What are you doing after this?" he asks. "Nothing. Going back to my place." "Why don't you come with me to the studio? I can show you how I work it at K-JUGS." Renee can't refuse. "! That sounds great. I'm a bit frazzled. How sweet of you." "Stick to me, Renee. I like making new employees...feel like they've cum in the right place." The Late Night Ladies Man needs a late night lady. Renee is just what he needs. "Here, Renee. Sit in the chair. Relax. Loosen your body. This is where I make my DJ magic." He turns a knob and music plays. He massages her neck. She sighs and ahhs, losing her anxiety. "And this is where you'll make your magic, Renee. Reach out and touch all of those listeners you'll develop soon. Speaking of developing, Renee, you are very, very well developed yourself...." "Thank you," Renee replies. "I developed real early. They're 40H cups now but sometimes I wonder if they're still growing." She runs her hands lightly over her boobs. "Do you like them?" Renee is a sucker for a smooth talker. "Lick 'em? I mean, like 'em? I love 'em," he replies. "Would you like to touch them?" offers Renee. She lowers her top to expose her huge boobs and sits on his lap. She takes his hands again and puts them over her boobs. He plays with her tits, pulling on the nipples and massaging her boobs all over. "Don't you have to go on the air?" she asks. "Not for another hour. We run a syndicated feed until 8:30." "Then fuck me good, Late Night Ladies Man." He begins sucking on her tits while she's on his lap. Renee takes off her clothes while The Late Night Ladies Man admires her body, feeling her all over. She gives him head as he stands, then she stands up. He goes behind her and begins fucking her from behind while she's bent over the control desk. "Just think of all that sexy power at your fingertips when you're talking to all those guys at home," he says. "That idea turns you on, doesn't it?" Renee's excitement increases. "Oh, it does. It makes me wet to think of it...." He takes Renee by the hand over to the couch. She lies on her back. He licks her pussy and clitoris, then straddles her so he can fuck her tits. She licks and sucks his cock-tip when he extends it to her mouth. He sits on the couch with Renee in doggie next to him so she can throat his rigid meat. Renee lays back on the couch so he can fuck her. While they fuck, she brings her tits up to her mouth so she can lick and suck her nipples. They switch to a grinding cowgirl, then doggie, then a reverse cowgirl. He must pile-drive her. She's a strongly-built woman and she can take it deep in piledriver. Renee gets on her knees to deep-throat him and tit-fuck him. "Wow, you really are the Late Night Ladies Man," gushes Renee as he gushes jizz. "I'm really gonna like working with you!" The Late Night Ladies Man scores again. "I think this is the start of some beautiful talk radio together," says the DJ. "Let's take a short station break...."

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Renee Ross – Eat At Renee’s

Saturday, December 11th, 2010

Here it is. The great fantasy. To enter a restaurant near closing time and discover that Renee Ross, THE Renee Ross, is your waitress. And what Renee Ross plans to serve up goes beyond hot cakes and pie! Only at XL Girls Land does a diner like this exist. These dudes are getting a worms-eye view of what’s for late night snacking and Renee is at the top of the menu. Renee Ross doesn’t work for tips. She wants every inch of the shaft. Food takes a back seat as Renee Ross takes their order. That’s what they call service with a smile! What about Renee? Does she have any fantasies of her own that are special to her? “I wouldn’t say that I have a lot of fantasies,” Renee Ross revealed. “I just like to cum a lot! I think I must masturbate two to three times a day.” Now if Renee Ross was really a waitress, that would mean a lot of sneaking into the ladies room for fast relief! The customers’ orders would start backing up. But no one would mind if they could watch!  Click for more >>

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Video: Renee Ross – Lust Weekend

Wednesday, October 20th, 2010
Renee Ross starts Lust Weekend with the perfect moves. The camera opens on her beautiful face, then moves down as she hoists her 40J world wide wonders up using her tit-sling and jiggles them in their cups. Renee Ross gazonga gymnastics would be good enough for many of us but there’s a lot more coming up. One of the great things about Renee Ross besides her obvious anatomical charms is her supreme talent and enthusiasm at hot, nasty talk. Since her SCORELAND special Wham! Bam! Thank You Ma’am!, Renee Ross sexy vocabulary has gotten hornier, if it was possible to get even hotter and juicier. The nasty comments roll off her tongue like the mouth juice she drips during a blow job. No phone sex operator could get a man worked up more than Renee with just her tit-chat. She wants her booty call’s boner to stroke, lick, suck and boob-bang ….. read more >>´

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