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What else does Rockell do in sweet home Alabama? Besides modeling? She's a mudder! That is, she mud-wrestles. Yes, mud-wrestles. That used to be big for a time in nightclubs years before Rockell was born in 1989. Every adult club had a mud-wrestling or oil-wrestling night. Then the oil, gelatin, cole slaw and mud wrestling industry collapsed. The club operators lost their shirts (not a pretty sight) and thousands of girls were out of the mud and out of work.

"I love to mud wrestle!" says Rockell. "I like to wrestle other women and get wild with them while we roll around and get dirty." Rockell said she likes to wrestle women who have tits like hers. "This one time I was wrestling this Puerto Rican girl and she was taller than me, but she had really big boobs. She was built like I am and it was fun to go one-on-one with someone who could give as good as she got."

This pictorial from February '13 Voluptuous features no mud and no wrestling. The main and only attraction is Rockell who looks like a dream. She needs no mud to muddy up her beautiful pictures.

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