Rockell – The Hot String Bikini Girl

The Hot String Bikini Girl

The Hot String Bikini Girl

The bikini was invented for girls built like Rockell. Would she wear a bikini like this in public? Without a bodyguard? That top is not doing a very good job of covering her areolae. And that thong looks like dental floss. Not that this is a complaint! Rockell really rocks it.

"Southern girls rule!" says cheery, happy Rockell who is from the breast state of Alabama. She likes to play in the mud and she likes to mud-wrestle other big-boobed chicks. Rockell is no stick in the mud. Rockell also loves to Zumba and dance. No wonder she's in such great shape.

You've seen Rockell doing splits on the SCORELAND Blog so you know how flexible she is. She has a million-dollar smile and a honey-coated personality. Southern charmers don't get more charming. Bikini away, hot string bikini girl!

See More of Rockell at SCORELAND.COM!

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