Rose Valentina – A Taste For Sex

A Taste For Sex

A Taste For Sex

"I live in heels," Rose Valentina said. "Always. And I'm only 5'3" so I'm all for anything that can make me taller. And for shirts, I'm either going to be showing cleavage or completely covered up because there isn't really any middle ground. I like to dress sexy. I think all women like to feel sexy."

One of the horny bridesmaids in the movie, "My Big Plump Wedding," Miss Valentina already had a wild sex life before she started fucking in adult videos. She wished that more guys would learn to appreciate giving a girl head.

"When the guy does it to me sometimes it's just not that good and I want them to stop. My ex was okay at it, but in the eight years I was with my ex he did it to me maybe enough times to count on both hands. But I didn't really care. I'd rather give. He said he didn't know how but the first time he did it he gave me an orgasm. And ever since then he did it to me maybe ten times. But for me to give head, you don't even have to ask. We could be driving in the car and I'll do it. I swear, I'm a nympho. I just love to have sex."

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