Roxi Red – Candy Girl

Candy Girl

Candy Girl

Once you see Roxi Red, you can't get her out of your head.

Roxi Red was a cheerleader. Can you wrap your brain around that? No cheerleader in history had, or will ever have, tits that rival Roxi's. They weigh 15 pounds each! Her bras only last a few months before they wear out. She has to go for fittings. Finding them off the rack is too time-consuming.

Roxi says her kink (or fetish) is eating candy when she has sex. That's one you probably haven't heard before.

Believe it or not, Roxi has never been in a wet T-shirt contest. She could sweep them if she entered but she's the quiet type and seems shy. If you've seen Roxi's Blog videos, and her interview video, there is a shyness that comes through.

A member named H.D. zoned in on this and commented, "What I find unusual about Roxi is that she looks like she doesn't get what all the fuss is about. I guess since she has grown up with such big breasts. She does not say this but her expressions signal this to me. It seems like she doesn't realize the powerful effect they have on me and I'm sure many other members. I find this attitude and look in her eyes oddly endearing."

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