Sadie Blooms – Philadelphia’s Hottest Attraction

Philadelphia's Hottest Attraction

Philadelphia's Hottest Attraction

Philadelphia has its Liberty Belle, the Rocky Balboa statue from Rocky 3, and the Phillies baseball team. They also have local bombshell Sadie Bloom who is in our book the hottest attraction this city has to offer. Sadie likes take-charge guys who are as ready to roll as she is. "I want to have spontaneous quickies all over town if I can," Sadie reveals. No doubt Sadie has no shortage of volunteers eager to be the man part of the plan. "I'm a sucker for corny-romantic dates. But I've been with as many girls as I have with guys. Girls have beautiful bodies and curves and I like to caress, lick and love every inch of them. I once went to a Superbowl party that turned into a five-some, three guys and two girls. It was fun!" On the hobby side, not that sex can't be a hobby or a sport, Sadies says that "I'm a decent artist. I'm also an amazing cook and a really fast learner." Sadie was a very fast learner in the SCORE studio, amazingly fast for a first-timer. As for the sex scenes Sadie did, there was nothing she needed to learn!

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