Sarah Rae – Dream Doll

Dream Doll

Dream Doll

"I'm bouncy, peppy, smiley and bursting with boobs and love," says Sarah Rae who is looking killer as always. Her 38JJ's are a gift from the universe and she's sharing the gift with you, XL Man. She is what we call "ultimate girlfriend material." It's a good thing that she's currently unattached because a boyfriend would probably keep her all to himself. This gives us nightmares.

Sarah loves her tits. Truly loves them. "I just think they're extremely amazing, and I'm always trying to show them off and always talking highly about them. My boobs make me happy."

When Sarah takes out her boobs and bounces them, it's an event a breast-man can never forget. "I take them out and bounce them. I'm a professional big-booby bouncer. I don't do it much when I'm walking, but sometimes when I'm sitting in a restaurant I do find myself doing it. It's like second nature to me now. I can do it synchronized and I can swing them and bounce them without even bouncing my body. I have muscles that can do it: my chest muscles. I think I'm very talented. I can do hands-free nipple sucking, too. I can do one easily, and I'm working on doing both at once." In fact, Sarah has done both at once after practicing at home.

If you were to meet Sarah, what would be the right thing to say to her?

"Tell me that I'm beautiful...gorgeous. Say something positive about my figure."

Good advice for all the men out there, if you ever have the luck to meet any of our XLGirls.

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