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Lingerie Lust

Lingerie Lust

Back at, busty Sarah Rae is sexy and resplendent is her animal print lingerie and sheer red robe. People always say that lingerie makes the woman but it's really the opposite. Not just another pretty face, Sarah Rae's magnificent anatomy gives her lingerie the real voom in va-va-voom. And once her lingerie is slipped off, the view doesn't get any better!

Sarah has a wickedly funny sense of humor. When we asked her at what age she developed, she answered, "My mother gave birth to tits. I just grew around them."

Born in Pennsyvania and living on Big-Titty Island (we know where that is), Sarah doesn't play or watch sports. "I'd rather watch porn and play with myself. Go Team Orgasm!"

As for hobbies, "I suck on my titties, I lotion my titties, I squeeze my titties. Sometimes I eat food."

What questions do Sarah's fans ask her and how does she respond to those questions? Do they tend to ask pretty much the same questions?

"I do get asked a lot of the same questions. Like how big are they, are they real, does my back hurt, do I like sucking my nipples, etc. I'm a 34JJ and yes to everything except my back hurting. I don't know why everyone thinks its such a struggle for me to have huge boobs. I love them and can't say one bad thing about them!"

I try very hard to respond to everyone. My fans mean a lot to me.

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