Sarah Rae – Put Your Red Dress On Tonight

Put Your Red Dress On Tonight

Put Your Red Dress On Tonight

Sarah Rae looks great either dressed casually or in a hot-date dress, like the one she wears in this photo spread and video. What is the right technique for Sarah to get both nipples in her mouth and hold?
"Suck hard," advises Sarah, super-wholesome girl-next-door with 34JJ tits. "I like to start sucking a little bit before the nipple, it helps me balance the weight."
Has Sarah timed how many seconds she can hold them with mouth suction?
"I can only hold both for a couple minutes. However I can hold one all day. While I'm cooking, taking a shower, tweeting, vacuuming...all day!"
What is the #1 thing her fans want to see her do?
"Probably hardcore, but I don't think it's for me. Besides that, flash my titties. I like flashing my titties."
Stay flashy, Sarah.

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