Serenity Sinn – Meet Serenity Sinn

Meet Serenity Sinn

Meet Serenity Sinn

Serenity Sinn is an actual member of who decided to join the Big Show herself. That's right. Not every member is a guy. Girls like to have fun too.

Carrying 46H whoppers, Serenity has all the right qualifications, for sure. She has the girl-next-door factor. (Our wardrobe person measured Serenity's boobs and her actual bust size is 57 inches!) So Serenity took the plunge and the world is a better place for it.

A mid-westerner, Serenity played volleyball in high school (which must have been quite a sight) and loves watching college football. Her favorite team is the University of Tennessee (her home state).

Does Serenity dress to attract eyes? You bet.

"You gotta work with what your mama gave you!" says Serenity. "My breasts tend to draw attention to themselves no matter what I wear. So I get a lot of attention and it doesn't bother me. I like it."

The brunette newcomer's first pictorial shows that Serenity is very comfortable showing off every inch of her luscious anatomy and took to hot modeling very smoothly. You'll love her! Love that lipstick kiss she gives each nipple! Check out Serenity's first video too! Looks like she picked up a lot of pointers from watching the girls.

Welcome aboard, Serenity Sinn!

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