Sirale – 45 Minutes With Sirale

45 Minutes With Sirale

45 Minutes With Sirale

Sirale hit a grand slam in her SCORELAND debut. Here she is as the "Office Babe" taking over an executive suite to get nude and rude while the rest of the company toils at their desks. Do you love the eyewear and the open blouse? Those who email Scorecard about chicks wearing black stockings on their shapely legs will find this pictorial to be eye candy. This layout has it all with many hot poses.

Sirale is yet another girl who wants to try skydiving, the #1 activity on many models' to-do list. What is it with jumping out of an airplane? The adrenaline rush?

The funniest pick-up line she's heard so far, and she's heard a lot of them, was "There must be a line of guys waiting to kiss your ass and I want to be one of them." She didn't say if it worked or not.

Sirale makes her SCORE mag debut in the September 2013 edition and her Voluptuous debut in August 2013's issue.

See More of Sirale at SCORELAND.COM!

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