Sirale – Coming Clean

Coming Clean

Coming Clean

Sirale (centerfold of August '13 V-mag) finally comes clean with a soapy shower pictorial. Does Sirale actually walk around Prague wearing a pink tube top, mini-skirt and fuck-me heels?

"Not in the wintertime! But when it's summer and very hot, I don't wear a lot of clothing. I like stretchy tops like this. I don't wear shoes like this because I can't walk far. Shoes like this are good for modeling, dancing or fucking but not for every day. But, yes, I may dress like this on a date if that's how he likes to see me and asks. I like to dress for men. Now is the time, while I am young, yes?"

We've seen Sirale give guys great head ("Bust A Nut In Sirale's Mouth" and "Soft Bra-Buster, Hard Cock"). What does she prefer, spitting or swallowing?

"If a special guy has good tasting cum, I will swallow. Other times I will spit it out. If I swallow, then no one can see the cum. In my SCORE videos, one guy came on my chin and another came in my mouth and I let it drip out of my mouth onto my boobs. I made a mess, did I not? What can I say? I am a bad girl. Most men cum on my tits."

When the weather's hot and Sirale is not busy, she heads to her favorite nude beach. If she was on a nude beach in America, she'd turn a lot of heads. But not at home. "People in Europe are very casual about nudity. It's very natural. When people can't see something, then they get interested. I attract more attention when I wear a small bikini than naked."

We hope to see Sirale again soon.

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