Sofia Rose – Sofia Rose At Last

Sofia Rose At Last

Sofia Rose At Last

Sofia Rose...finally.

XLGirls tried to get it together with Sofia Rose in 2006 and a few times since then. At last, the planets aligned properly and we are pleased to present beautiful Sofia for the first time as an XL Girl.

"I was told in 2005 that I should be a SCORE Girl. I didn't know what that was until 2006 when I started adult modeling. Modeling is now full-time for me. I have the most fun job I have ever had."

Buying bras for Sofia's 52 inch 38JJ boobs can't be easy. "I met a custom fitter in Iowa about 15 years ago and she fitted and sized me. But now I can buy whatever I can find that fits me off the rack, usually the wrong size, but I can get it to fit or achieve the look I'm looking for, then I buy it. I have many corsets custom made for me by a woman in San Antonio, Texas. If I'm home, I usually don't wear a bra. I hate bras but I can't go unsupported all day so even when I'm home I wear some kind of supportive top with a built-in bra. It doesn't do much but it makes me feel secure. Otherwise, I'm a big fan of my bras and custom made corsets."

Sofia began to develop at a very early age. Her boobs were 36DD at 15 and they continued to skyrocket in growth after she had a child. Currently Sofia is 52-40-52, wears a 38JJ (or K) bra and weighs 240 pounds.

"I like to go out and have fun. Dinner, drinks, dancing. I love to play pool and bar hop, socialize and meet new people wherever I go. I'm a huge flirt with both men and women. Photography is a huge hobby. I love to go out with friends and just have fun partying and dancing the night away."

Welcome Sofia Rose to Show some love and send your props.

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