Sunshine – A Girl Called Sunshine

A Girl Called Sunshine

A Girl Called Sunshine

"I like a long cock with a big head. I would like to meet one of those guys with a really big cock, like 13 inches," Sunshine once said. 13 inches? Now, now, Sunshine. Control yourself. Former lap dancer Sunshine is for the guy who likes his babes with a nice amount of girl-meat on 'em, especially in the tits and the butt. She's made many super-jackable videos. The complete list is in the eBoobStore. "My boobs began to grow when I was 13 years old," Sunshine says. "They started young. I wore a C-cup at 13." She loves having her tits sucked, manhandled and fucked and if she's all alone, she'll watch one of her videos and Jill-off until she makes her cum-face. Ain't no Sunshine when she's gone.

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