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Video: Alexis May – Alexis May Show & Tell

Saturday, September 24th, 2011

Not just an interview but a tits and ass and pussy show, the kind SCORE editors love best. The way we always look at it, it’s just as easy to interview a model naked and showing off her pussy and nipples as it is to interview her fully dressed. Naturally, most of the conversation is about tits and sex, since Alexis May is a porn star, and if you can’t talk down and dirty to a porn star about sex, who can you talk to about it? And how are most guys in bed with Alexis May anyway? Not porn studs, just guys? “I think some guys know what they’re doing, some guys don’t know what they’re doing and are willing to learn, and some guys think they know what they’re doing but don’t,” Alexis May said. “They’re the worst. I mean, I don’t know everything about how to please a man, and I’m still learning. Guys sometimes get intimidated by me when they find out I’m a porn star, but just because I’m a porn star doesn’t mean I know everything there is to know about sex. I’m very young, and guys sometimes forget that because I have big boobs and I do porn.” A porn star who admits she’s still learning about sex. Don’t you respect that?

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Video: Merylin Sakova – Sunkissed Tits

Tuesday, May 24th, 2011

Merilyn Sakova, #3 in SCORELAND’s Best 100 of the Decade 2000-2009 contest (behind Karina Hart and #1 Christy Marks), has been a SCORE mega-babe since 2005. We don’t usually travel to the Ukraine but for Merilyn Sakova, we have made an exception. Her huge 32G sucklers on a slim 40-25-36 physique have made her a marvel of nature. Tits this big on a slim girl are rare. Merilyn Sakova starts off this video by sunbathing in her red swimsuit. She takes it off to get really comfortable and plays with her jugs. Merilyn Sakova is a pussy girl and likes huge fuckin’ toys in her wet, pink hole. Today is no different. Her big, blue plastic boyfriend will get the job done filling her sexy cunt. Ms. Sakova goes into the pool to cool, then resurfaces and does some tittie shaking and jumping on the lawn before reclining back on her lounger. When a girl has tits like hers, and knows how to use them, she can rule the world. Many have begged her to do hardcore with the cock. Merilyn Sakova says “nyet.” For more Merilyn Sakova, visit BustyMerilyn

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Video: Christy Marks – Hooters and Honey

Wednesday, January 19th, 2011

What is it about honey, eh? One minute it’s on the table or in the cupboard being boring, plain honey and the next minute it’s dripping down a pair of big tits and it goes from just being boring to being the sexiest condiment around. There’s nothing sweeter than Christy Marks boobs coated in this sticky, amber delight and nothing that will make your dick harder. Enjoy some tea time with Christy. The best part about it is that you’ll find out that Christy Marks likes cream with her tea…your hot cream, that is. Give her a lot of your milk all over her two, luscious, round lumps of sugar!Click for more >>

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Video: Mianna Thomas – Breast Stroking

Sunday, March 7th, 2010

Mianna’s bikini must be made out of some alien superfabric. It’s some kind of miracle that the weight of her 34JJ head-crushing hooters don’t reduce her bikini top to tatters. She struts outside to meet her date waiting in the pool and she has every right to proudly strut because her rack is the stuff of Voluptuous wet-dreams. She has the biggest natural tits we’ve ever seen at SCORE. “I love my tits,” says Mianna Thomas. “I’m very proud of them. The thing about having them is all the attention.” And attention is what she gets when she’s walking somewhere in crowded Las Vegas. Mianna Thomas needs her boobs carefully manhandled. After she has dropped her top and had them oiled, she and stuntcock retreat indoors to fuck their brains out. The Las Vegas college coed is a very sexual girl and her huge tits need and deserve a big cock-pumping.….. read more >>

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Video: Aileen Ghettman – Body Artist Artist

Friday, October 23rd, 2009

Aileen Ghettman is a living doll, a hula doll. Once her breast-jiggle and hip-wiggle dance is over, Aileen Ghettman tends to the oiling of her sweet, luscious body. Seeing this video, and her First Fuxxx hardcore video, the first XXX scene she ever did in her life, you’d never guess that this Georgia honey-babe is a professional dominatrix, as she explains in her SCORE video interview. Aileen Ghettman truly is a body artist. ….. read more >>

Aileen Ghettman Video Sample

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Video: Anna Loren – The Interview

Thursday, October 8th, 2009

She’s new, she’s hot, she’s happenin’. Anna Loren makes her mag debut in September ‘09 Voluptuous and her first SCORELAND appearance in this video interview. It’s been a while since we’ve had a video interview and Anna makes the perfect subject. Anna Loren used to work as a clerk in a porn store and she talks about it. “Do you know how many men walked into that place and told me, ‘Wow! Those are big!’ That was the line I got most often. I think I was a big attraction in that store!” We’ll bet Anna’s a big ….. read more >>

Anna Loren Video Interview

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